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University of Maryland

My greatest desire is to go back and finish my graduate program at University of Maryland. I absolutely loved the coursework. The professors are awesome. I took the "failure" of Planet of the Apps and made my first pitch deck applying to the MPTE Tech Entrepreneurship Program. I was accepted and completed a semester. University of Maryland provided a key insight. An extensible software container can replace the idea of a group and the related UI could be patented. My original idea was flawed, using video to attract people virally only supplied enough people for one side of the trip leaving and empty plane for the return leg. I came up with a crazy invention to fill the plane with Amazon boxes and tie into their inventory system. I say invention because the contraption would be wheeled in and placed into the empty seats, giving the plane balance….Sometimes I get ahead of myself. I also was able to use the deep resources IBIS and plan a blue ocean strategy for BNDWGN. Fond memories.
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