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StartupBus - Hey Hans whats in the Stack?

It is the feel good story of the year. Lawrence and I "met" somewhere in Alabama late at night on Slack, while I was riding the StartupBus NYC. Once this startup realizes its potential it will be a testament to the power of serendipity.

At the onset of the StartupBus I pitched 3 ideas (including BNDWGN), I got no takers. The rules of the StartupBus dictate that you need at least two persons to make a team and to qualify. On day two I determined that I was here for my dream not someone else. Bus drama, the organizers said is normal. If you can find someone on another bus to partner — you can give it a go.

Megan from the Ohio bus became that partner, until she decided this was not her dream. Having no one, I was given the option of reaching out to the universe. I did so via Slack to "We Build Black and the "Village Collective" at 4:00 p.m. on July 26. All my efforts for the previous 4 years dwarfed his response. Lawrence answered. - Hey Hans, what's in the stack? and is working from home an option (I'm in NJ)

That single answer is why BNDWGN exists today.

Lawrence was able to deliver a fully working MVP based on our shared conversation remotely, (on firebase, fully working), so I could explain to the Startup judges at the first round of pitching.

Its early, we are a two man team. There are so many challenges ahead, but when I think back to that moment all I can do is smile… and say WOW.

No dev shop

No co-founder drama

No spaghetti code

No more rejection

We can actually build this thing.
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